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What kind of cars do you import to the US?

We only import Japanese vehicles right now. We tend to have a preference for diesel and 4x4 vehicles!


Will I get arrested or will my JDM vehicle get seized for driving it?

No, you will not get arrested and your JDM vehicle will not get seized for driving it. All of our vehicles have been brought to the USA 100% legally. They have been cleared by customs and are road legal and ready to be registered! No vin swaps, loopholes, part car rebuilds, no games. You get a vehicle that has been US Customs released, guaranteed.

Do you offer financing or payment plans?

We do not offer financing or payment plans. We will be trying to implement financing in the future.

Are there additional fees that aren’t included in your prices on the website?

Yes; shipping and sales tax. 

Can you ship the car to me?

Of course! We provide door to door shipping within the Continental United States on all of our vehicles. This service is at the buyers' expense. We also do not take any liability for damages that may occur during shipping.

Do you offer a warranty or return policy on your vehicles?

We do not offer a warranty or a return on our vehicles, but we do host 3rd party quality checks to assure you of the mechanical quality.

Is it hard to transition to right-hand drive?

Despite what many think, it’s quite easy to make the switch for an experienced driver. The hardest part is getting used to shifting with your left hand as well as having the turn signals and wiper stocks being on opposite sides.


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