1989 Toyota Super Custom HiAce
  • 1989 Toyota Super Custom HiAce

    This vehicle is equipped with optional gear available for an additional cost:
    Side-mounted ladder: $450
    109"x58" Roof rack: $1500
    Year: 1989
    Make: Toyota
    Model: Super Custom Hiace
    Mileage: 156,000 km / 97,306 mi
    Engine: Legendary Toyota 3L, 2.8L Cast iron head Diesel Engine
    Transmission: 5MT, Hi-Low 4WD Transfer case, manual locking hubs
    Gross Weight: 4800lbs
    Chassis No. : LH107-0002458
    Available for sale 
    This Super custom HiAce isn't a sluggish tank. We love these Japanee vans for their affordable yet robust build. They breeze down the highway and shred through rough backroads, giving you the ultimate adventure access to secluded trailheads, snowy peaks, and so much more. Many of these vans such as this one can double as a reasonably comfortable sleeping space as the seats fold down into a sleeping surface (additional mattress recommended). 
    We custom built the side-mounted ladder specifically for Toyota Hiace Vans, this ladder is bolted onto the frame underneath the van and on the upper side rail above the windows.  It’s sturdy yet low profile and will help accessing and storage compartments you may install upon the roof rack.
    This roof rack is about as big as they build em, at a whopping 109”x58” area this rack covers almost all of the roof.
    jdmoffroads 3" lift kit
    2020 4Runner 17" alloy wheels 
    Atturo Trail Blade XT gravel rally mud terrains 
    All new brilliant LED interior lights and headlights
    Modern radio installed with apple play
    Tin Top, No skylight