1996 Mitsubishi Canter Fireservices Doka 4x4

1996 Mitsubishi Canter Fireservices Doka 4x4

Year: 1996

Make: Mitsubishi

Model: Fireservice Canter Doka DoubleCab 4x4 Truck

Mileage: 12,000mi

Engine: 4D35 4.6 liter inline 4 N/A diesel

Transmission: 5sp Manual

This amazing vehicle imported from Japan’s Kyushu Region presents incredible clean with extremely low, well-maintained miles.

With only 12k miles it’s barely broke in.

The double cab canter is a rare model, few were ever made.

The sprung over solid axle 4x4 has incredible potential for its next stage of life. Whether one is looking to protect a remote cabin or ranch from wild fire. Or remove the pump and repurpose the chassis with a camper or custom RV.

Rear dualie tires can be swapped out with the full set of super single tires with no modification (seen on our other canter).

Offroad 37” tires can fit the vehicle without a lift.


Working fire siren

Water pumps and hoses included

engine warming

fog lights

oil temp gauge

Huge dials on dash

Powered windows

Tall ceilings in double cab

Large rear view mirrors for maximum visibility

Idle adjust