Daihatsu Atrai Cruise Kei Van
  • Daihatsu Atrai Cruise Kei Van

    Year: 1993

    Make: Daihatsu

    Model: Hijet Van, Atrai Cruise

    Mileage: 40,000mi

    Engine: S83V

    Transmission: Selectable 4WD, 5-speed manual


    This Kei van along with all of our stock is from Japan and is right-hand drive. Since arriving in Washington this July we’ve upgraded many features:

    Full LED light replacements, Super bright front headlights and fog lights! They look great!

    New Wiper blades back/front

    New Thermostat and radiator cap

    New air and oil filters

    New front coil springs

    New carburetor

    New intake manifold gasket

    New engine vacuum line

    New Black Rhino wheels with new vanguard arctic claw tires


    The Daihatsu Atrai is a model of the HiJet minitruck. There’s a lot of space in the trunk and if that’s not enough you can fold the back seats down for maximum cargo space. With a 5 speed manual and selectable 4WD this van will get you around town. But with its 3 cylinder engine, it stays around 60-70 on the freeway.