1994 Nissan Caravan GT Cruise

1994 Nissan Caravan GT Cruise

Year: 1994

Make: Nissan

Model: Caravan GT Cruise

Mileage: 64,400 km / 39,767 mi

Engine: 2.7L Intercooled Turbo Diesel

Transmission: Automatic

Gross Weight: ~5,000lbs

Chassis No. : ARME24-035870


Super awesome water to air intercooled turbo diesel 4x4 Nissan Caravan Cruise! This 2.7 liter gear driven engine produces 123hp. 179 lb-ft of torque. Seats fold down into a bed! The rear row folds up into the walls for more trunk space. The middle row of seats spins around to face the back, teatime style. Front cab is spacious and comfortable. With a skylight in the front and a megamoon roof in the back, you’ll be able to see the stars from any angle of your camping adventures. Easy Frontrunner rack install Into the rain gutter. selectable 4wd 2.5” lift Reindexed tortion bars 235/75 R15 Toyo Open country all terrains Heavy duty jdmoffroad liftkit and shocks Nissan stock alloy frontier rims With our upgrades the Caravan has evolved into an offroad beast with maximum traction and suspension.