1996 1stGen Toyota Rav4

1996 1stGen Toyota Rav4

Year: 1996
Make: Toyota
Model: Rav4
Mileage: 64,000mi
Engine:  2L 3S-FE 
Transmission: manual 5S
Chassis No. : E-SXA11G

Retro RAV4 Landed! Return to the whimsical roots of the classic rav4 with this first gen 1996 right hand drive model from Japan. This cute car has a friendly smooth and round body, it feels very feng-shui. Seats 5 comfortably. The original RAV4 is enjoyable to drive, it feels more like a car and it dosnt make a lot of noise. It’s smaller and lighter than new Ravs. With difflock engaged this car can get you though snowy conditions or up rumbly mountain roads. While Toyota may make cars more suited to off-roading like the LandCruisers this car will still get you places. It has a gas mileage of around 20-22 and improves with the manual 5 speed transmission. While sitting in the driver seat you’ll find that visibility is excellent, windows aren’t tinted so checking blind spots won’t be a problem. 

And RAV doesn’t stand for nothing! The recreational activity vehicle has the functionality to provide a bed! By sliding the front seats all the way foward and removing the headrests, the seats may all fold down into a near full-size bed. That’s not all, the passenger seats in the back can fold forward to provide ample space in the trunk, which is already spacious considering its low platform (spare tire on the trunk door rather than underneath).
Interestingly the headlights are glass, so they won’t fade— just like this amazing car.

We’ve given this Toyota a new paint job and a fresh set of rims/tires.

If you want to drive outside the box or have a wonderful conversation starter, come see the rhd Rav4, a vehicle excellent for city and travel driving.