Shackle Kit for leafspring liftkit

Shackle Kit for leafspring liftkit

1 Week Lead time for orders.

6" Shackle kit which gives a 2-3"lift.

Shackles are drilled at 6 and 7” options.

The KYB MonoMax is a heavy duty monotube shock absorber that provides the most handling, control and durability of any KYB shock; and it's just for trucks. The MonoMax's tough design automatically adjusts to driving conditions with fade-free performance. The KYB MonoMax has an outstanding reputation for vehicles that do real work, go off-road, tow a trailer or haul heavy loads. It uses a work-ready, zinc-coated steel piston ring and includes an off-road dust boot.


• Offers up to 40% more damping over OE twin-tube designs

• A thick rubber dust boot is used to protect the shaft from dirt and rocks, which prevents premature wear to the oil seal

• Triple chrome-plated piston rod and multi-lip oil seals reduce wear

• Extra damping capabilities are perfect for handling larger tires and wheels