Foreign car import dealership in Everett, Washington

Welcome to JDM OFFROAD, where you can find a wide selection of JDM cars for sale. We specialize in sourcing, importing, and re-homing top-quality off-road exploration vehicles from Japan.

Our diverse inventory includes everything from 4×4 firetrucks to versatile 4WD campervans. Whether you’re looking for the perfect adventure vehicle or a reliable town runner, we’ve got you covered.

Our dedicated team ensures every JDM import is road-ready, with customer satisfaction as our top priority. Join our growing family of JDM enthusiasts and experience the difference!

– Nationwide Shipping: We ship JDM cars to all 50 states, ensuring you get your vehicle wherever you are.

– Expert Guidance: Call or visit in person Mon through Fri, 9 am to 5 pm for personalized assistance.


We had a fun time at the 2024 Northwest Overland Rally in Plain, WA!
Whether a seasoned or new adventurer, the NWOR offers a comprehensive experience blending learning and community for all.
Come see us at the NWOR next year!

The world’s largest overlanding and adventure travel community, magazine, and online forum. Expedition Portal features only the most legendary vehicles in their “Classifieds” articles. We are proud to have our 1996 Mitsubishi Canter Deluxe featured in a classifieds article – highlighting its exceptional build quality and prestige.

We sell some of our most coveted imports with this trusted online auction house.

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Nels L

"I purchased my first JDM truck from another dealer in Shoreline. I was very let down by the lack of communication and unwillingness to answer phone calls or emails. I went to trade my truck in for another heavier duty truck and even put a deposit down on the vehicle. After close to 3 months of bi-weekly phone calls and emails, with hardly any response and an unfathomable amount of excuses why the truck wasn’t ready, I wrote them off. I stumbled across an ad for JDM Offroad. Boy, was I in for a shock! Atlas! Communication, transparency, honesty, and a smile! Brian, Cody and Yarrow were an absolute pleasure to deal with. These are people that are selling CLEAN low mileage vehicles, at close to the same cost as the third rate garbage the other dealer was peddling to unsuspecting buyers. These are people that truely love what they do, and are selling these vehicles because they are passionate about them. Not only did they take the pump off the fire truck and put a brand new aluminum bed on it, but they did it ahead of schedule. Needless to say, I am a dedicated fan and have already referred them to 6 people. I feel as if I have been adopted into a JDM enthusiast family. I cannot recommend them enough. This is how a business should be run."

Nels L

Rob D

“I purchased a 1996 Isuzu Elf 4x4 firetruck from JDMOffroad. I was apprehensive about purchasing an older (and unique) truck. Brian made the process much easier and answered many questions. He has built a solid knowledge base around these trucks and continues to provide assistance as needed. I highly recommend JDMOffroad for offroad Japanese trucks - particularly Isuzu Elfs, and Mitsubishi Canters.”

Rob D

Jon H

“My wife and I had been looking everywhere for a Toyota Hiace or equivalent camper van import. After shopping around for months for the perfect vehicle, we finally found a super clean Toyota Hiace camper van at JDM Offroad. The biggest relief was knowing that we were buying from a meticulous and honest mechanic who knows JDM vehicles inside and out, unlike most of the other importers who felt like they were just trying to hock questionable vehicles as fast as possible. We actually called around to try and find a mechanic that would do a thorough 3rd party inspection of a Hiace and multiple mechanics within a generous proximity to Everett all tried to refer us back to Brian and only had good things to say. I highly recommend working with Brian if you are hunting for a quality JDM vehicle. A+”

Jon H

Carl M

I'd highly recommend JDM off-road for your unique vehicle purchase. I have had several imported Vehicles over the years, so I know some of the difficulties. Brian made the process very simple. I recently purchased a 1997 Suzuki Jimny from him. The vehicle is great and I love it. He even treated me to some burgers when I picked it up haha. If you're in the market for a unique 4x4 definitely give JDM off-road a look. I was looking at two different ones, and a friend of mine ended up buying one of the other ones.

Carl M


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